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If you represent a service that you think should be included we'd love to hear from you!  The Grampian CareData team maintains this online database of local services and looks for additional services to add.  If you are a service provider and would like to add to our directory then please read the following:

Inclusion of information held on Grampian CareData

Information about the following types of service will normally be held by Grampian CareData

  • Local Authorities, NHS Grampian services, Scottish Executive or government departments
  • Organisations or services that are affiliated to a national parent organisation or a nationally approved body
  • Organisations or services that are funded or approved by the Local Authorities or NHS Grampian
  • Local self help and support groups that have been assisted in their development by the Local Authorites or NHS Grampian
  • Selected complementary therapies are included with a description plus contact information for the national ruling body.  This information is currently provided only by NHS Grampian
  • Organisations with charitable status (Scottish or British)
  • Independent and profit making organisations providing services that support the CareData client groups, at the discretion of the CareData Team with advice from authoritative sources

Exclusion of information held on Grampian CareData

The criteria for the exclusion of services rules out information about:

  • Individual local complementary therapists and other allied health professionals, as stipulated by NHS Grampian
  • Political parties
  • Organisations which have had complaints or concerns about services.  These issues will be discussed by the CareData Team, with advice taken from other relevant authoritative sources, the information removed from the database if applicable and the information provider informed

If you have any problems registering on this site please call us on 01651 267392, option 2