Accessibility Symbols Print

CareData currently uses fourteen symbols to indicate the accessibility of services and organisations at a glance.  Further, more detailed, accessibility information is also provided within the text of each record. 
The symbols are:

wc  Standard Toilet Available

disabledwc  Accessible Toilet Available

radarkey  Accessible Toilet Requiring RADAR Key

aachange  Adult Changing Facilities Available

guidedogs  Guide Dogs Welcome

hearingaid  Facilities For People With Hearing Impairments

signing  Sign Language Used

visuallyimpaired  Facilities For People With Visual Impairment

walk  Accessible For Mobility Impaired Walkers

wheelchair  Wheelchair Accessible

wheelchairassist  Wheelchair Accessible With Assistance

parking  Parking Available

carpark  Accessible Parking Spaces Available

training  Staff Receive Disability Awareness Training

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